Word Yoga

The word yoga has a set of the most different values and occurs from yuj root what to be translated as: the team, strong to hold, connect, connect. By the way, from this PIE root occur a set of words and in other world languages. In general Sanskrit words very capacious and multiple-valued, for example at the word yoga about 20 dictionary values.
Thus, the word yoga in the main consideration means “unification”, “concentration”, “restraint”, “slity together”. Time is a question of a unification, merge, there is a natural question – that is meant it? Unification of that with what?

Indian Ocean. Decline. The traditional answer – a unification of the Brahman and Atman, that is a source of all real or certain true level of reality with its manifestation in each of human beings. Neither it is more, nor it is less. Here intentionally it isn’t brought any other formulation as there are people believers, non-believers, Buddhists, Christians, scientific atheists eventually, and each of them has own opinion concerning the principles of a universe and “a source of all real”. The yoga doesn’t demand from the adherent of belonging to a certain faith though historically it developed that yoga practicians gained the development in a context of spiritual doctrines of the East – Hinduism, the Buddhism, Daoism, and this influence is essential, especially at the “advanced” stages of practice connected with visualization, mantras, etc. Great yoga teachers never denied value of other religious faiths though with another, “western”, the parties the relation was not always unambiguous.